What are Alternative Investments for My Retirement Portfolio?

I’ve been looking for some time to diversify my investment portfolio with more secure and stable options. I have concluded that I should look at Gold and Silver as viable options.

But, my question is do I invest in physical precious metals or should I invest in stocks and ETFs?

Going back to my original statement I’m looking to conserve the money I’ve made over the last several years of work and I’m looking forward to retirement in the next 10 years. If I have a similar growth spur in my work 401(k) as I have in the past 20 years, I should be good to go for retirement. But, my concern is having money.

I started looking around and found some good information on Gold and Silver IRAs. I have a 401(k) through my employer and I have my IRAs through a local brokerage. I’m fully vested in the stock market. Which doesn’t look good for the next few years.

I can’t take my 401(k) money yet as I’m still employed, but I’m considering either using CASH to start a new self-directed IRA or fund a self-directed IRA by liquidating some assets and rolling over to my new self-directed IRA.

The tax advantage is the same as keeping my IRA money in an IRA account. I will have gains from the sale of some investments but don’t have to worry about that till I start taking money out of my account.

If I buy with CASH I should be accountable for any gains, but there is limited information out there as to IRS being triggered if I keep my purchases and sales under $10,000.

Having the money in the IRA I can utilize the tax advantages going forward and I will be in a lower tax bracket at retirement. It’s a tough decision.

I looked into a couple of companies and they provide me the option to do both. I like that option as I can keep my purchases in one account and keep track of my buying and selling.

Overall, I believe investing in gold and silver is viable for my future. I like the idea of having physical gold in my retirement portfolio to hedge inflation and in the past 25 years, gold has appreciated over 300%. I’m not looking to make money, but I am looking to take advantage of any appreciation in the value of gold going forward. I know my $1 bill is only $1 in 10 years, but that gold coin may be worth even more. I like that idea.